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Amazing BUT TRUE - It's not what you know , or who you know that matters...
The key is the more people who know what you know and what you can do the better but the sad fact is it's crippling hard trying to stand out in a sea of competitors right? 
Dear "Hidden Expert" Business Owner...
John Mulry here,

I KNOW you're brilliant at what you do...

You KNOW YOU'RE BRILLIANT at what you do...

Your problem is NOT ENOUGH of your target market knows it and you're getting lost in a sea of competitors and your potential customers can't decipher you from them (even though you're much better than them)...
If this is you, I felt the exact same way until I discovered the secret...

It has nothing to do with a better website, nothing to do with more website visitors, a fancier brochure, better business cards, a new logo, sending emails, being active on 50 different social medias 24/7 365 days a year, cold calling all day long, exhibiting at events, or getting better at what you do...

Those tactics can be useful but the problem and secret to getting more HIGH PAYING clients fast comes down to something FAR MORE IMPORTANT...

Before I discovered what I'm going to share with you on my free live training I was scrambling for clients, didn't REALLY know what I was offering (and how to offer it) in the first place, had nothing to differentiate myself from my competitors and worst of all - I was constantly feeling like I'd never succeed, like I wasn't good enough and I was doomed to failure.

Long story short - when I started doing (what I'm going to share with you on the training) EVERYTHING changed, and I mean EVERYTHING...

During my free live webclass I'm going to show you how I did and do it, how my students do it and most importantly, how you can do it too...

Best of all, you don't need to cold call, compete on price, post all day long on social media and you certainly don't need to be a techno whizz-kid either...
** Plus - Get FREE access to my software that gives you a simple "30 Second Hack" for knowing whether or not your what you say to prospective clients will resonate with them OR bore them to tears...  just for registering for the web class today! **
"It didn't take long for John's marketing gems to click on a few light bulbs for me and set me straight, as I put together my new advertising campaigns."
Business Owner
Doreen Mellor
"My mind was blown away by the in-depth business concepts, strategies, tactics, tools and honesty I saw. Before I met you I didn't have a easy to follow and implement system"
Business Owner
Frederick Chelogram
"Enlightened with a new sense of direction for my business. John explained to me in a simple yet highly effective manner, exactly what I needed to do, to take my business to the next level"
Business Owner
Kevin Russell
"Helped me close sales and increase revenue for my business. John's in depth knowledge of marketing and his easy to apply systems are a huge benefit to any business needing a boost. Highly recommended."
Business Owner
Don Neachtain
"Taught me to think out side the box, how to build a system, once it is done all you have to do when you need it again is switch it on. I have got a lot of new clients with the new ad campaign that we have been working on. Now I have a system in place I can just use this over and over again."
Business Owner
Christina Dillon
"At last someone has made an easy actionable blueprint for success, in any niche, without all the fluff and BS. John has made it fail proof not to succeed in business, but only if you get off your butt and put in the action."
Business Owner
Kevin Long
"Surpassed my expectations so much that I am in awe (I have never used that word in my life). One of the most helpful contacts I have ever had with any marketing consultant"
Business Owner
Lee Parratt
"John provides quality information for anyone who is in business, or looking to get into business, concerning their marketing efforts. It is amazing what little changes they teach can do for a business."
Business Owner
Brian Whitesides
"Really helpful, broke everything down into simple to understand, bite sized chunks that helped me get over the fear of marketing."
Business Owner
Pól Murray
A little bit about me - your host...
Hey there, John Mulry here.

I'm an award winning and trusted Dan Kennedy-trained marketing advisor, speaker, and #1 Amazon best selling author with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing.

My clients call me ‘The Marketing Maverick’ which is kind of cool right?

Anyway, it's my goal to absolutely BLOW you away on this training and leave you with no doubt whatsoever how you can start attracting more HIGH PAYING enjoyable A clients and ward off the time sucking, freebie seeking, draining ones.

If little old me from the Irish countryside can do it, you can too...
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